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Dissertation Defense – Prasad Vilas Chanekar

Title: Co-Design of Time-Invariant Dynamical Systems
Date: August 15, Wednesday
Time:  10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Location: EGR-2164 DeWALT Seminar Room
List of all committee members:
Associate Professor Nikhil Chopra, Chair/Advisor
Professor Shapour Azarm, Co-Advisor
Professor Balakumar Balachandran
Professor Amr Baz
Associate Professor Jin-Oh Hahn
Professor Nuno Martins, Dean’s Representative
There is an interdependence between the physical design and control parameters of a system through the dynamic equations. Recognition of this fact paved the way for investigation into the “Co-Design”  research theme wherein the  overall system’s physical design and control are simultaneously optimized.
In this dissertation, four interrelated research tasks in the area of co-design are undertaken. In the first research task, a theoretical and computational  framework is developed to co-design a class of linear time invariant (LTI) dynamical systems.  In the second research task, the sparse and structured static  feedback design  problem is modeled as a co-design problem. A formulation based on the alternating direction method of multipliers is used to solve the sparse feedback design problem which has given robustness as a constraint. In the third research task, the optimal actuator placement problem is formulated as a co-design problem. The actuator positions are modeled as  binary design variables. In the fourth research task, a heuristic procedure to place sensors and design observer is developed for a class of Lipschitz nonlinear systems. The procedure is based on the relation between Lipschitz constant, sensor locations and observer gain.