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Eliot Rudnick-Cohen MS defense. April 22, 2016.

Title: Risk Based Multiobjective Path Planning and Design 

Optimization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Abstract: Safe operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) 

over populated areas requires reducing the risk posed by a UAV if it crashed during its operation.  We considered several types of UAV risk-based path planning problems and developed techniques for estimating the risk to third parties on the ground. The path planning problem requires making trade-offs between risk and flight time.  Four optimization approaches for solving the problem were tested; a network-based approach that used a greedy algorithm to improve the original solution generated the best solutions with the least computational effort.  Additionally, an approach for solving a combined design and path planning problems was developed and tested.  

This approach was extended to solve robust risk-based path planning problem in which uncertainty about wind conditions would affect the risk posed by a UAV.

List of all Committee members:

Professor Jeffrey W. Herrmann, Chair,

Co-Advisor Professor Shapour Azarm,

Co-Advisor Professor Balakumar Balachandran

Date:April 22nd, 2016

Time: 10-12 noon

Location: EGR0151