Thesis Defense: “Energy Audit and Modeling of High Energy-consuming Buildings in the University of Maryland.”

Author: Devashis Shrestha Committee Members:  Dr. Michael Ohadi (Chair), Dr. Yunho Hwang, Dr. Bao Yang Abstract: The goal of this thesis project is to analyze and optimize energy usage in the Biopsychology building and Gossett Football House building. Both buildings are located on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. The process of energy audit..

Dissertation Defense: Dynamics, Nonlinear Instabilities, and Control of Drill-Strings

Author: Xie Zheng   Advisory Committee: Professor Balakumar Balachandran, Chair Professor Amr Baz Professor Nikhil Chopra Associate Professor Jin-Oh Hahn Associate Professor Maria Cameron   Abstract: Drill strings are flexible, slender structures, which are many kilometers long, and used to transmit the rotary motion to the drill bit in the process of drilling a borehole. Due..

Dissertation Defense -Development of a General-Purpose Steady-State Simulation Framework for Vapor Compression Systems

Author:  Ransisi Huang   Advisory Committee: Professor Reinhard Radermacher, Chair Associate Professor Jacob Bedrossian Associate Professor Katrina Groth Professor Jungho Kim Professor Jelena Srebric Research Scientist Vikrant Aute   Abstract: The vapor compression system is the dominating technology in heat pumping, air conditioning and refrigeration. Vapor compression is associated with significant energy consumption and high..