Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) Seeking qualified candidates in the Control and Dynamical Systems Group

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) located in Cambridge, MA, USA, is seeking qualified candidates in the Control and Dynamical Systems Group. MERL is the North American Research and Development organization for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a $40B global leader in electrical products including building systems (elevators, HVAC), transportation systems (automotive and train mechatronics), space systems (satellites, telescopes), factory automation (robots, servo systems, laser processing), optical systems, and energy systems (power generation, photovoltaics). The Control and Dynamical Systems group pursues cutting-edge research in control systems design, dynamical systems, optimization, and estimation algorithms with applications to transportation systems, automotive, satellite systems, factory automation and robotics, building systems and HVAC, and electric power systems.

Research areas of specific interest include (but are not limited to) integration of model-based and data-driven control methods, hybrid systems control design and formal methods for control synthesis, statistical estimation and control, and distributed control architecture design.

The successful candidate is expected to perform leading research in control and dynamics, to demonstrate it through application to one or more of the domains above, to publish in top conferences and journals, and to develop over the years a fundamental research agenda aimed at impacting the scientific community and the Mitsubishi Electric’s future technology. Strong interest in validating the research results in laboratory experiments and prototypes with appropriate support is expected.

Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Conducting innovative and relevant research in control and dynamical systems,
  • Developing a research agenda impacting both, the scientific community and the future company technology,
  • Publishing results in leading technical journals, conferences and in patent applications,
  • Applying the research results to company-relevant R&D projects,
  • Collaborating with research staff, academic partners and mentoring interns,
  • Transferring results and technology to Mitsubishi Electric corporate research laboratories.

Qualifications for this position are:

  • A Ph.D. from an internationally-recognized institution in mechanical, electrical, aerospace engineering, computer science, or a related discipline, with a focus on control and dynamical systems.
  • A strong publication record consistent with experience,
  • Extensive knowledge of a main research subject and broad knowledge of control and dynamics,
  • Strong teamwork, communication, listening and teaching skills, and
  • Experience and interest in validating the research results in laboratory experiments and prototypes.

Candidates of all experience levels will be considered at the appropriate seniority level.

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