GE Research Edison Program

The Edison Engineering Development Program at GE Research is an early career rotational program designed for Masters graduates in engineering and computer science interested in applied R&D.  At GE Research, we create new technologies supporting GE products and services in aviation, power, healthcare, and renewable energy.

We are always looking for great candidates for this premier program, specifically students with the following qualifications:

  • Masters Degree
  • Target Majors – Mechanical Eng., Electrical Eng., Materials Sci./Eng., Computer Science
  • Permanent US work authorization (US Citizen or Green Card holder)

Current research areas and potential project opportunities available to program members include:

  • EE – embedded computing, IoT, cybersecurity, model-based control, advanced controls/controls algorithms, power electronics, power systems, electric machines design
  • CS – embedded computing, IoT, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence/machine learning, computer vision, image analytics, scalable data analytics, cloud computing, blockchain, model-based control, advanced controls/controls algorithms
  • ME – rotordynamics, hands-on advanced mechanical systems (bearings, gears, couplings, rotors), lifing, mechanical structural analysis & computation, CFD, model-based control, advanced controls/controls algorithms, thermal sciences, fluids, heat transfer, thermodynamics
  • MatSci – high temperature metal alloys, composites, ceramics, materials for additive manufacturing

Please encourage students to apply to our job postings on

  • Masters students graduating before June 2020 should apply to our FULL TIME job posting # 3229598
  • Masters students graduating after June 2020 should apply to our INTERN job posting # 3344976