Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience (MCN) at Janelia Recruiting early-career Group Leaders

The Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience (MCN) research area at Janelia is actively recruiting early-career Group Leaders.  We are looking for creative scientists who want to study how the brain enables cognition. We particularly encourage applications from researchers who are interested in developing new approaches to expose how rodents, fish, and flies produce adaptive, flexible behavior in dynamic and uncertain environments.

Janelia Group Leaders direct small, internally funded labs in a highly collaborative environment with access to shared research resources. We welcome applications not just from post-doctoral fellows, but also from late-stage graduate students who are ready to lead independent labs.

Candidates can go here to learn more and to apply for a Group Leader position.  Our next application deadline is December 1, 2019, and we plan to fill 6 open positions over the next 2-3 years.

Please spread the word and encourage suitable candidates to apply. We are committed to a culture of inclusion on campus and invite applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Candidates should feel free to reach out to me if they have questions about MCN and how their research interests might align with ours. Zari Zavala-Ruiz, Director of Scientific Programs, would also be happy communicate with anyone interested in learning more about Janelia, MCN, or our application process

Vivek Jayaraman, PhD

Head of Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience

Senior Group Leader

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Janelia Research Campus