Ph.D. Student Positions in Computational Engineering & Sciences – JHU

Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL)  

Director: Professor Somnath Ghosh  

Departments of Civil & Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science &  Engineering 

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland 

The Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL) at Johns Hopkins University is  seeking outstanding applicants for Ph.D. in Engineering, with emphasis on Computational  Engineering & Sciences. The position will provide financial support in the form of full tuition and a  stipend. Candidates can be from various fields of Engineering & Sciences, including Mechanical,  Civil, Aerospace, Materials Science & Engineering, Physics, etc.  

Focus areas of research at CMRL includes (i) Data-Driven Modeling, Machine Learning and AI, (ii)  Multiple length/time scale and multiphysics modeling, (iii) Uncertainty Quantification, (iv) Additive  Manufacturing & Materials processing (v) Mechanical-electro-magnetic problems antenna and  sensor applications, (vi) Fatigue and failure modeling of metallic materials, (vii) Multiple scale  damage modeling of composite materials, (viii) Atomistic simulations of polymeric and metallic  materials, (ix) Novel computational model development, etc. Please refer to the CMRL website at for more details. 

Ph.D. Candidates must have a strong background and interest in computational solid mechanics,  physical sciences and mathematics and computational engineering & sciences. Interest in  computational modeling and code development is necessary. The researchers will be working with  Prof. Somnath Ghosh at Johns Hopkins University on a variety of projects funded by government  and industry.  

Interested applicants should contact:  
Prof. Somnath Ghosh 
Departments of Civil & Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science &  Engineering, Johns Hopkins University 
203 Latrobe, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218