University of Oklahoma – Multiple Faculty Openings

The School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME), at the University of Oklahoma, invites applications for four tenure-track positions at the Assistant Professor level in the general areas of:

Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Systems (, with
particular interest in custom manufacturing; controlling composition and internal
structure of materials for multi-material additive manufacturing; multi-scale modeling
and data analytics; and sensor-based manufacturing design.

Propulsion Systems (, with interest in, fuel
efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft engines; sustainment and
modernization; new and advanced propulsion technologies for aircrafts, unmanned
aerial systems and/or space exploration initiatives.

Space Systems and Hypersonic Vehicles (,
with interest in fundamental/applied research on design of hypersonic vehicles
through the use of high performance computing (HPC) software and hardware;
spacecraft design, optimization, systems engineering; design of entry, descent,
landing systems, space logistics design/mission planning, guidance and control
design of spacecraft; Cubesats/small satellites; collision avoidance; orbital insertion,
and satellite navigation

 Unmanned Systems and Controls ( with focus
on novel unmanned autonomous systems for civil, defense, and commercial
applications; guidance, navigation, and control systems of single or multiple
unmanned vehicles operating in harsh and remote environments; and maintenance,
modernization, qualification and testing of unmanned systems for extreme weather
and other disruptive events.