FDA Battery Longevity Research Postdoc/Internship Position at the Silver Spring FDA Campus

There is an opportunity for one potential PhD student to join FDA for a summer internship or a postdoctoral program to work on battery life time and longevity modeling and test methods for implants.

Key Roles
• Develop, improve, and validate battery models for better prediction of lithium-ion battery
performance and lifetime
• Formulate experiments to acquire data to train, validate and test battery models and aging
• Design and investigate test procedures as well as trade-off analysis to capture and improve
model parameters under all working conditions
• Explore and expand modeling capability to include various features such as balancing, SEI
layer growth, lithium plating, thermal runaway, etc.
• Work with cross-functional teams to develop and implement validated battery models for
different uses
• Generate simulation summary data/charts/reports
• Perform data analysis of cell/module/pack characterization tests
• Develop machine learning models for data analysis, optimization and prediction is plus

Basic Qualifications
• Ph.D. in engineering with battery modeling experience
• Fundamental knowledge of lithium-ion cell electrochemical model, electrical circuit model,
thermal model, and aging model
• Experienced in multiphysics-based models for electrochemical/electrical/thermal systems, as
well as aging mechanisms
• Proficiency in using MATLAB/Simulink, and other multiphysics software tools such as GT-
Autolion, COMSOL, BDS-STARCCM+, etc for battery simulation
• Exposure in using machine learning models for battery health prediction and optimization
• Familiar with battery testing protocols and efficient in writing codes to process and analyze
large data sets

If you are interested, please email your CV to this email address: hamed.ghods@fda.hhs.gov