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Ph.D. Fellowship Application Now Open + 12/7 Webinar

The DOE CSGF provides outstanding benefits and opportunities for doctoral students in various fields that use high-performance computing to solve complex problems in science and engineering. Renewable up to four years, the fellowship also seeks candidates researching applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, computer engineering or computational science advances that contribute to more effective use of emerging high-performance systems. The annual DOE CSGF application process typically begins each fall and concludes the following spring when formal acceptance is required of those selected to comprise the newest class of fellows. Applications for the fellowship’s 34th cohort — the 2024-2025 incoming class — are due Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Eligible candidates have the option to apply for either the DOE CSGF Science & Engineering Track or the DOE CSGF Math/CS Track. Both are composed of 16 individual sections which can be completed in any order and over multiple visits to the secure online portal. A checklist has been incorporated for easy tracking of progress toward completion as well as a mechanism to track the status of the applicant’s reference letter submissions, transcripts, etc.

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