Big10 Augmented Intelligence Bowl

The Midwest, despite multiple leading Engineering and Computer Science programs and Medical schools, is not well represented in the latest AI/ML literature As a newly launched institute at Northwestern University, the Institute for Augmented Intelligence in Medicine (I.AIM) is driven to raise the profile of both I.AIM and other Midwest schools doing great work in this area. To that end, I.AIM is hosting our 1st Annual Big 10 Augmented Intelligence Bowl. We have chosen to focus this year on AI/ML applications to address Health Disparities, a very challenging topic which we hope will bring out some creative ideas.  

This competition will be held as a two part event and is intended to create a collaborative and supportive learning environment for the teams.  In April we will convene a multidisciplinary team from each Big 10 school.  This initial phase of the competition will evaluate the teams on a set of criteria, including quality, feasibility, scalability, and presentation. From that first phase we will select teams to enter the next phase of the competition, provide them with resources, mentoring, and educational seminars/workshops. They will have 6 months to develop their ideas for the final round. We will then bring them back in the fall for the final competition with additional criteria of progress and execution. 

Students will be exposed to many industry and academic leaders in the course of the competition. Additionally, student teams will help build a supportive community for continuing collaborations. If you have any questions, please email ‘

Deadline for team application: 11:59 pm CST on April 2, 2021 

Application Link:Big Ten Augmented Intelligence Bowl- Team Application