Doctoral Researcher needed at the The Finnish Meteorological Institute in Finland.  

MIs Climate system modelling -group seeks a doctoral researcher positioned in Helsinki, Finland.

The Climate System Modelling group studies the physical and chemical processes, interactions and feedbacks of the climate system. Atmospheric aerosols, radiation, clouds, snow and interactions between atmosphere, land and oceans are the main research subjects. The group develops and uses a wide range of different models including process-level, large-eddy simulation, regional climate, Earth system, and integrated assessment models. Groups climate simulations are also used to support regional and global adaptation and impact studies of climate change.

You will participate in the Academy of Finland-funded research project Designing robust climate strategies with Negative Emission Technologies under deep uncertainties and risk accumulation (NETS). The work consists of using a simplified climate system model to examine how the uncertainties in proposed carbon removal techniques (so-called negative emissions techniques) relate to uncertainties in the global climate system, such as to the climate sensitivity. With the climate model, your task is to generate a large set of simulations spanning uncertainties in climate system response. The results of these simulations are then the base of more detailed analysis with Gaussian process emulators . The task involves collaborating with other researchers in the project, especially in utilizing the results for designing optimal emission reduction strategies. The task also includes writing scientific publications aiming for an article-based dissertation, as well as collaborating with international partners.

APPLY HERE; the deadline is MAY 19TH, 2022: