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Future Leaders in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Celebrating Diversity and Innovation

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020 – 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST

Join the webinar:

Sofia Arevalo

Ph.D. Student
Department of Mechanical Engineering

U.C. Berkeley

“Nanoindentation of Orthopedic Polymers: Mechanical Properties at the Macro-, Micro- and Nano-length Scales”

Nosakhare Edoimioya 

Ph.D. Student 
Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Michigan
“Data-Driven Control for High-Throughput Additive Manufacturing” 

Each Presentation will be 20 minutes followed by a questions and answer period

Host: Professor Howard A. Stone

Donald R. Dixon ’69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University

About Future Leaders in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Celebrating Diversity and Innovation:This nationwide online seminar series will highlight research contributions by graduate students and postdocs from groups that are underrepresented within Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. In addition to providing exposure and mentorship opportunities to the speakers, the seminar series will create a network among underrepresented students, postdocs and faculty in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering departments across the country. The organizing committee asks that you please nominate speakers for the seminar series or volunteer to mentor speakers using the MAEFutureLeaders website.

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John Dabiri(Caltech)  | Samuel Graham(Georgia Tech) 
Allison Okamura (Stanford University)  |  Howard Stone (Princeton University)