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As part of our K-12 STEM education outreach program, ASME hosts virtual classroom visits and assemblies throughout the Unites States.  These events – ASME DropMEIn! – are typically scheduled for 35-45 minutes via Zoom (or preferred school district platform) and focus on the following themes and content:
-Introduce the Engineering Design Process and how to best leverage it be a problem-solver.
-Discuss the importance of building an inclusive and diverse project team to find the best possible solution.
-Overview of real-world examples of engineers as problem-solvers for good.
-STEM professionals and/or students sharing their story and highlighting career decision points
We are inviting engineering students to join us during these events and share their passion for creative problem-solving and their vision of a career in engineering. If you are interested in learning more OR volunteering, please sign up HERE .
During the month of April and into May, the ASME DropMEIn! events have been scheduled for the following dates and times (posted as EDT).  Please invite your students to support these unique and rewarding experiences that will allow them to hone their communication skill sets while championing the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.
Questions?  Contact Patti Jo Rosenthal, ASME K-12 Program Manager, at