KLA eUser Meeting – Nanomechanical Testing

KLA is hosting a nanomechanical testing eUser meeting scheduled in the North America time zone on September 29th & 30th, 15:00 to 17:00 (New York). We would be honored to have you attend! We would like to share three exciting features about this free event.

  1. With over 15 presenters in the 4-hour meeting, this meeting promises to be jam packed with fun and extensive expertise,
  2. There are 8 Special Focal sessions that enable attendees to customize their meeting experience and generate the highest impact for their time spent in the meeting,
  3. All events are online, so they are easily accessible.

The schedule for this event is listed below. All registrants will receive links to the recorded presentation sessions. Questions should be directed to Bryan Crawford (Bryan.Crawford@kla.com). Please review the schedule and register here, today!     

Event Schedule

Dates: September 29th & 30th (2 Days and only 2 hours/day)

Time: 15:00 to 17:00 (New York) each day

Registration: https://kla-tencor.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIlfuitqz0rH9RK1AoY1uO6kBQ01VLusE1rv 

Day 1 (Sept 29th)

15:00   Welcome and Kick-off (John Swindeman, KLA)

15:05   Whole Group Presentation (Dr. Warren Oliver, KLA)

15:35   Parallel Special Focal Sessions lead by academic and industry experts. Attendees choose one session during registration.

§  Nanoindentation in Battery Materials, Prof. Erik Herbert (Michigan Tech University)

§  Strain-Stress Curves via Indentation, Jennifer Hay (KLA)

§  High Speed Property Mapping by Nanoindentation, Dr. Maria Kosmidou (University of Kentucky)

§  Nanoindentation study of N95 masks Dr. Yujie Meng (KLA)

16:05   Tornado Talk – whirlwind presentation, Gianmarco Monfared (UC Davis)

16:15   Tornado Talk – whirlwind presentation, Fereshteh Mallakpour (MTU)

16:35   Whole Group Presentation, Prof. Wendy Gu (Stanford University)

16:55   Round Table Discussion (moderated by Bryan Crawford with panelist from the Special Topic Sessions)

Day 2 (Sept 30th)

15:10   Whole Group Presentation (Prof. Dannielle Cote, Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

15:40   Parallel Special Topic Sessions lead by academic and industry experts. Attendees choose one session during registration.

§  High Temperature Nanoindentation, Prof. Jaafar El-Awady (Johns Hopkins University)

§  Nanoindentation at High Strain Rates, Dr. Kurt E Johanns (KLA)

§  Optical Profilometry and Applications, Rae Zeng (KLA) 

§  Nanoindentation in Undergraduate Education, Dr. Susan Gentry (UC Davis)

16:05   Tornado Talk – whirlwind presentation by graduate student at WPI. 

16:15   Whole Group Presentation, Prof. Dan Gianola (University of California, Santa Barbara)

16:45   Mixed Social and Round Table Discussion, Moderated by Bryan Crawford with panelist from all Special Topic sessions.

Register here, today!