Virtual Technical Meeting: Exploring Data Requirements for Risk and Reliability Analysis in Hydrogen Systems

Presenters: Camila Correa Jullian & Katrina Groth

Host: University of Maryland

Date/Time: November 17, 2020. 11:00AM EDT

Risk and reliability analysis are critical to the development of safe
systems, designing maintenance strategies, and creating codes and
standards. We are exploring the suitability of modern tools for risk
assessment, such as QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment), and reliability
analysis, such as PHM (Prognosis and Health Management), in hydrogen
systems. Both have the potential to close knowledge gaps from different
perspectives and enable H2 infrastructure deployment.
This technical meeting will address common data requirements for QRA
and PHM in hydrogen systems, with a focus on identifying data sources
with potential to enable research to close knowledge gaps.

Topical Discussion Points:

  • QRA data needs: Component failure and event frequency data on hydrogen systems and components.
  • PHM data needs: Condition-monitoring data-based methods to explore PHM-informed risk-mitigation measures.
  • Engage with researchers with hydrogen stakeholders for collaboration and data sharing.

To confirm attendance:

For more info, please contact Kevin Hartmann orKatrina Groth