Proposal Presentation Guidelines

1. Student must formalize their committee, this is done via the following:

Student Fills out the Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation Form prior to the deadline

Please keep in mind the below information regarding the composition of your committee:

The Committee must consist of a minimum of five members, at least three of whom must be Full Members of the University of Maryland College Park Graduate Faculty who are on tenured or tenure-track appointments. Each Dissertation Examining Committee will have a chair, who must be a Full Member of Graduate Faculty, or, by special permission, has been appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Each Dissertation Examining Committee must also have appointed to it a representative of the Dean of the Graduate School. The Dean’s Representative should have some background or interest related to the student’s research; be from a department other than the students’; must have a tenure home that is different than the Chair of the Committee; and must be a tenured Member of the Graduate Faculty. Each member of the Committee must be a member of the Graduate Faculty of UMCP. Upon nomination by the Director of Graduate Studies and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School, individuals serve in addition to the three required Regular Members.

To nominate a Special or Associate Member to serve, submit the nominee’s curriculum vitae to the Graduate Office. Graduate Faculty who terminate employment at UMCP (and who do not have emeritus status) retain their status as members of the Graduate Faculty for twelve months, and during that time may serve as members and chairs of Dissertation Examining Committees, but not as the Dean’s Representative. If granted Special Member Status, however, they may serve as co-chairs. Professors Emeriti and Emeritae may serve on the Dissertation Examining Committees if they have retained their membership in the Graduate Faculty.

2.  Student must have their committee fill out the Proposal Defense Form (The Graduate Outcome Assessment form)

  • Please be sure to select the appropriate Assessment Form from the link (There is a Proposal Defense Form and a Final Defense Form)
  • Please note that form is intended to be handed to you  committee chairperson during the assessment. The chair should then to send the completed forms to the Grad Office
  • Once you have satisfactory defended your PROPOSAL , you will need to note and provide us with the following:

A pdf copy of your Proposal Paper send to

A copy of the signature page of your dissertation proposal that includes the signatures of all your committee members

3. Once you have satisfactorily completed all of your coursework, per your Plan Of Study. You may then move on to the next steps.

A Plan of Study should have been completed before your 1st semester, If not, please complete it immediately.

4. Complete the Application for Admission to Candidacy Form.

5. We will forward the completed Application for Admission to Candidacy Form on to the Office of the Registrar once it has been approved and signed by all applicable persons.

6. Once the Application for Admission to Candidacy Form is approved, you will be registered for 6 credits of 899 in your advisor’s designated section by Office of the Registrar each semester until you graduate. You cannot register for 899 credits yourself.

7. If you are eligible for a M.S. without thesis (M.S. on the way), you will need to apply for an M.S. degree clearance. Keep in mind that you CANNOT receive two degrees in the same semester, so you need will need to reapply for your PhD degree clearance for a later semester. Additionally, you will need complete the M.S. approved program form .