Sandia National Laboratories Job Opportunities

Two job positions at Sandia which focuses on performance assessment of geologic waste repositories.  This involves groundwater flow and transport modeling, heat conduction and convection, biogeochemical reactions, geomechanics, and isotope decay.   Someone in geosciences, nuclear engineering, and/or UQ would be a good fit.

The job postings are titled Research & Development, Geosciences Engineer (Experienced) and Research & Development, Mathematician/Statistician/
Probability Professional (Experienced). The first targets someone whose primary role would be performance assessment modeling (including conceptual model development and process model integration), and the second targets someone whose primary role would be uncertainty and sensitivity analysis (including characterization of uncertainties). If you know of anyone who would be interested, please share this link: 

Or, click the “Careers” tab, then the “view all jobs” button. In the search field, search for the department number, 8844.

Finally, note that the word “Experienced” may be misleading.  In our context, it basically means having a Ph.D. so upcoming and recent graduates or postdocs are fine and would be eligible.

Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification

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